Hi guys....

Ok, so I got the CF working perfectly...love the software and everything about it...here is a little issue? I'm just posting this to see if anyone else has the same issues or just me or maybe just to be aware of this?

When I have my Win7 setup to basically shut down when ign off everything is fine when I start the car back up. When I change the setting in Win to hibernate and ign in on, CF comes to life perfectly, but the radio doesn't initiate. After trying to change stations, it asks if I want to re initiate the radio, but when I say yes, after a few seconds it still doesnt work.

I just went back to a full shut down and I'm still good, it anly extends my time to full working order by about 7 to 10 seconds anyways.

Also....I find it weird that I have to click reconnect in the GPS mode so the GPS antenna picks up the signal. Is this normal?

After all, I'm still very happy with the system...but if any of you might have a quick solution, I would love to hear from ya