Im pretty ****ed right now because I cant get this to work nor can I successfully post on the Centrafuse forums!!

Here we go:

Trying to import songs from C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Music where the organization goes Artist(folder)>Album(folder)>Song(file). I go, in Centrafuse, to System\Settings(advanced)\Audio / Video\Music Folders and add "My Music." It asks if I want to import and if I do, it gets stuck at 24% and says "Centrafuse has encountered a problem and needs to close." I click close and it shuts down Centrafuse. If I rebuild the library, same thing. If I import a single song, "error importing songs." If I select music on the main page of Centrafuse then I get "has encountered an error bla bla bla." What is going on??

My Stats:
Windows XP SP2
.NET framework 2.0 sp2
.NET framework 3.0 sp2
.NET framework 3.5 sp1
.NET framework 4 client profile
.NET framework 4 extended
microsoft compression client pack 1.0
SQL Sever Compact 3.5 sp1
Windows Media Format 11 runtime
WMP 11
Windows Imaging Component