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Thread: Centrafuse on windows 7 crash

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    Centrafuse on windows 7 crash

    Hello guys,

    I am new at this forum so I will introduce my self later. I am working on a car pc project but I have some little issues with my centrafuse. The problem is as follows:

    I have a laptop, recently did a fresh install with all the updates including net framework 4.5. I downloaded Centrafuse 4 from the website. On windows xp everything is fine and working. On windows 7, I got a crash error which says, centrafuse is not working. Changed the compatibility settings, not working at all. I tried this all in administrator mode.

    Centrafuse is starting, says 30 day trial, I click ok, then I get a warning message, again click ok then it loads, when it comes to sound, it crashes. I already have the newest update for the sounddriver.

    Specs laptop:

    Intel centrino 2
    120Gb harddrive

    Any one familiar with this problem?

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    Problem already solved.

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    was it the SQL server missing?

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