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Thread: Centrafuse 4.3.6 Release

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    Centrafuse 4.3.6 Release

    Happy to announce the release of Centrafuse version 4.3.6 to the public. Been spending a lot of time under the hood, and the results look pretty good.

    • Fully compatible with Windows 8
    • Improved speed and stability.
    • Configuration backup built in.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements to usability.

    Registered users can download the latest version from their "My Account" page or you can download it directly from the repository here:

    Centrafuse 4.3.6

    If you're new to Centrafuse, read the Quick Start first, and then download the installer from the link above.

    Visit the Centrafuse forums ( for more information and support.


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    Downloaded, Thanks for all your hard work! SNO

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