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Thread: US traffic sites?

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    US traffic sites?

    anyone know of good traffic sites in the US, particularly in chicagoland area, IL.

    I love the weather thing, but i dont know of any traffic sites.

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    5,040 has chicago info, but not sure what all they have available... Maybe just accidents... Most major citites have the traffic on a website somewhere, you just need to find it... I use for all CA traffic... Good luck...

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    I am in Denver and use the DOT site which has real time web cameras and speed sensors.

    Here is one map with real time speed (MPH) info - you might find something for your state.

    Colorado DOT Site

    I have quick simple web page I created with my popular route mapped out and webcams so I can open it (firefox) to load up those pictures or maps when I hit traffic so I know if I should bail or just stay on track. As you can see this afternoon, (if you look above in the next hour or so) traffic in Denver sucks - I will stay away from downtown I-25.

    I just noticed the CDOT site added links to show any messages being displayed on the large signs they have - often they tell of accidents or tell if a lane is closed or something. Have to add that stuff to my webpage to access those items too:

    Link to see if you need chains in mountains
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    ok i found a decent for the chicagoland area. It doesnt seeem to be as good as the colorodo one posted above, but its decent.


    Gary (IN)

    Miluakee (WI)

    The entire, Milwaukee-Chicago-Gary corridor

    hope the info helps others. Also we should have a a sticky link for good sites for traffic info for major cities/States/Coutnries/provinces/...

    just a suggestion

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    Anybody found a good one for St. Louis?

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