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Thread: Speed

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    just wondering or actually looking for some confirmation that CF is slow?
    Ive seen a few post with people saying it, but not as many as i would expect.

    Ive tested this on 3 computers and on each of them when switching to any screen, the loading screen last anywhere from 4-6 seconds. Also, it seems that the longer the app is open, the slower it gets (memory leak somewhere maybe?) The machines im testing on are not low end pc's and all have 1GB of Ram except for the carpc that has 512. My computer at work, where it runs the slowest (and is the fastest PC out of the 3) runs DOOM3, HL2, 3dsmax and various game dev tools all fine.

    I dont want to sound or come off like im *****ing, i think you have a really nice app, its just not really usable because of the speed issues. Just want to know if everyone else is also seeing these speed issues or not, it cant just be me.

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    The speed issues are known... They will be fixed in the next release... Dealing with graphics in .NET 1.1 is very slow and processor intensive... CENTRAFUSE ran like lightening before I added the skin at the last minute... I went ahead and put out the BETA, but I am in the middle of changing the way the graphics will render in hopes to regain all my speed... The next release will be much better and will be out very soon...

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    That great news. I too was having some problems when loading different things. Glad to know your woking on it. Keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    The next release will be much better and will be out very soon...
    Can't wait

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    Thumbs up

    Just did some test with centa fuse....

    PII366 128MB, about 10 or more sec between screens, "when it says loading"

    AMD Ath 800 Tbird 512MB PC133, 4-6 sec, 30% CPU Utl, 70mb of ram or so.

    PIV 2.0G 512MB DDR Laptop, Carputer, 2sec or less.

    Runs great on the laptop, Know I know that a new version will help the speed issue out, but people with slow CPU's may get frustrated with the speed thing. Great Program, nice look, nice features, and I'd love to make the switch once all the bugs are worked out.
    Great Program, and I'm looking to switch from Media Engine, which works flawlessly

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    The next release will be much better and will be out very soon...
    david any progress on the FM plugin?

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    First off, kick-tail program. Once I saw it, after having fiddled with the others, I dropped them for this. The one thing I think would send it over the edge and would cause me to be willing to donate cash, is the cd-cover feature like 4amMusic, also maybe some visualization effects (unless they're in there and I don't know?)

    Speed-speaking, 3somethingGhz p4 loads it in about a second or two, and for the time I've had it up, don't notice much of a speed/slowdown.

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    Will be interesting to see the result of Veetid's speed up. I tested in the car again today, and I ended up having to jab the reset button. My EPIA 800 with 256 RAM would play OK, however I tried to start an embedded version of NM Destinator. The song finished playing and Centrafuse stayed locked on the loading screen. I know that the config is right - I've tested it all on the desktop and the laptop, and Dest does load, but I suspect that it gets all a little bogged down.

    I'd rather not buy another mobo, but I sure do love this application!

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    I'm in the same boat as you C4M, my Epia 800 with 512mb RAM takes about 5 seconds to switch screens (fresh install of XP, no other software on the PC). I have high hopes for this app (as long as there is sufficient keyboard support!), and i was ready to make this my one and only front-end; but until the speed issues are sorted out, i'll have to use something else.

    P.S. 5 seconds may not seem like too much, but it gets annoying!

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    It takes about 10 sec to load screens on my Epia M9000 with 256M RAM. Funny thing today, when I clicked the icon to start the program, nothing happened for so long that I clicked it again. Then after a while, two instances of the program are running, each one is playing the same song about 10 sec apart.

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