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Well, it was ~350MB compressed as an rar archive, the extracted tar image was 3GB
Then extracting it all into separate files about 1GB is gone and I cant even see that the progressbar has moved from 0%

So lets say you do extract 'em all and import them into the main.dat database,
which shouldn't be much of a problem although your "discid" format is a bit confusing, I'd still expect the size of the database to reach ~2-3GB
Just extracting the tar archive will take a day, and that's with a 15K SCSI drive.

So David, would a 3GB database still be usable in Centrafuse ?

Access will start to slow down around 850MB, so I would not try it with 3GB... You would want a full on SQL Server for that, which is not really viable in the car... SQL Lite might could do it, but 3GB is a huge database to not be using a full database server like SQL Server or Oracle... this is why I never really looked into importing FreeDB...

And the data would always be old... you would have to update it all the time if you wanted to be able to go buy brand new CD's and have it work...