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Thread: Is CF "touchscreen only" application?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpattonm
    The other question: because of its features and usability. I do not see the better one.
    I agree with you there - i love the layout and functionality of the app, i just need to be able to do a few essential things (player controls, app navigation) using the keyboard - so i can use my number pad without taking my eyes off the road! Of course if Veetid makes every button keyboard-able, then i wouldnt complain

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    Wow, looks like I need to check this one out
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    Dominik: What other buttons do you need mapped? I have mapped most all the main functions already. Check out the hotkeys.xml file and let me know what other functions you need mapped...

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    Should see it right after the first of the new year.......
    SO the countdown begins.....

    3 days and counting

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    Hotkeys to get around the Music Mode screen would be nice (I'd like to be able to change playlists without using a mouse), and as someone also requested in my other thread, i think a shuffle/normal play hotkey would be nice.

    Also, its not really related, but i wouldnt mind an exit button on each screen (i cant remember if there is a hotkey for the Home screen...)

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