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Thread: embedded GPS application problem

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    Cool embedded GPS application problem


    Great application the Centrafuse, big ups for the programmer
    Can't wait for next release, I will generate an Audi skin for it!

    I have a issue with my GPS application that I want to use to embed.
    The application "Alturion GPS" embeds perfect but the maps are not displayed when embedded. When embedding disabled the maps are displayed correct.

    Result, when embedded, is an empty white field where the map is. Alturion is using DirectX9 to draw its maps and that seems a problem.
    Is this a known issue and/or is it fixable (maybe in next release).

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    Might work in the next release... Could have something to do with form Opacity, which is now disabled by default... I have seen DirectX have problems painting the screen on a form that used Opacity...

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    Ok then I will wait till next release and let you know!

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    Centrafuse is very impressive. Looks like a lot of time went into it's creation. Very clean.
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    Ok, I am back from vacation and tried v1.12... great work!

    Related to this topic for this release , the GPS application embedded and DirectX still do not work...

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