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Thread: CENTRAFUSE Update 1.11

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    silencery: Yep... Sounds like the same problems I had... My problems pretty much went away when I started to Safely unmount, but right around that time I stopped using an external drive so I didn't thoroughly test... I think its more related to XP and external drive enclosures... It's like the TOC for the files gets screwed up on the drive when you start copying to/from it from different machines...

    As for the invalid music directory error... Everytime I do this, CENTRAFUSE still launches and just says UNABLE TO PLAY FILE... Anyway you can re-create this error and give me all the debug information under details so I can track this unhandled exception down?

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    well this is embarrasing. Apparently, I can't recreate the problem! haha. It happens all the time when you don't want it to, and now when you need it, it goes away.

    Oh well, I'll be sure to send you a log if/when it pops up again. I'll try it on my car later as well as my desktop.

    Thanks for all the help!

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