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Thread: Hide Button Utility

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    Hide Button Utility

    Not sure if this utility exists but with all the frontends able to lauch external applications I was thinking that maybe an option to allow a hide button to sit on top of the app would be cool.

    For instance; Launching an application that sits on top of Centrafuse or any front end removes the ability to quickly go back unless the taskbar is visible and one wants to just click the task bar. I would rather keep my taskbar hidden.

    I'm not a programmer but how hard would it be to allow a "HIDE" button selectable for any corner of the screen to be visible when the external app is launched. It would allow quick access to minimise the app and bring back the front end without having to use alt-tab or the taskbar.

    I think it would be important to allow one of any four corners as not to cover anything important in the external app.

    LOL! I hope I'm making sense


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    A few people looked at this thread but there were no responses so I'll bump it back up to the top

    I just think it would be neat to not have to use the task bar to switch between the frontend and the external application. If a small utility (ie a hide button or minimize butoon) could be made to sit on top of the external app there would be no need for the task bar.

    Not sure if this is doable or such an app already exists. Kind of like the D3 frontend with the hide button to the upper right.


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    I think in the next cf release there will be an external app support directly embedded into cf main screen, so no need to come back to desktop
    would be useful by the way a minimize button, sometimes I really need to come back to my desktop without the need of shutting down my music
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