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Thread: dvd problems

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    dvd problems

    I have a problem with dvd playback. I insert the disc, and it will play through mediaplayer, but in cf, it totally ignores it. Also, when i go into DVD on cf, whether there is a disk or not, once in there, after about 10 seconds the menu disappears, and i have no way of going back, clicking around the screen doesnt do anything, i have to force the power off on the machine

    this happens everytime i try dvd


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    phatboy: If you double click the screen it should bring the menu back up and it seems that you don't have codecs installed. Can you play the DVD in Windows Media Player?

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    right ok, it seems that i dont have the right decoder for playing dvd's, where can i get a free one?

    And regarding the menu not appearing, it was just cause i wasnt double clicking on the same part of the screen twice, with it being a touchscreen it made it a bit harder!


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    right, i sorted it, just installed a copy of power dvd, so mediaplayer now plays dvd's, and so does centrafuse

    thanks for the help david, sorry for being thick!

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