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Thread: Network connection detection in 1.12

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    Network connection detection in 1.12

    I've just encountered a possible minor bug with respect to the network status (connected/disconnected) shown in the upper right. I'm curious how you are determining the state of the network.

    For starters, everything is on a workbench and not in the vehicle, so there's a lot more booting and testing going on, and not so much hibernating. I've got CF configured to start up automatically when I boot/login. Only under this scenario, every time CF starts the status shows "disconnected", when in fact my network interface is connected. (Actually has a 100Mbit Cat-5 connection on the workbench.) All functions requiring a network (Web, Weather, Traffic, etc.) do not work while the status shows disconnected.

    What's most interesting is if I hit Ctrl-Esc and fire up a browser or anything network-related outside of CF, suddenly the CF indicator switches to "Connected". And everything now works.

    I didn't at first see this, because I previously fired up CF as needed from an icon, so I probably already had network activity. I'm running Windows XP SP2.
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    It might be a bug... I will check into it...

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