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Thread: Touchkit setting vs volume +/- !

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    Lightbulb Touchkit setting vs volume +/- !

    If your +/- volume buttons do not work with on centrafuse with a touchscreen then you chould set on your touchkit configure utility (in settings tab) the 'Mouse mode' to 'Normal mode' (it is default), 'click on touch' does not work on these +/- buttons!
    In 'click on touch' mode all centrafuse buttons work except these 2 volume buttons

    This took me a while to find out what this problem was...
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    Its a common problem. The vol thread doesn't get terminated properly.

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    Is this "click on touch" option the solution to all the volume problems? I will turn it on tonight and try to reproduce.... I hope this is what it is... I was lost on that one, never could reproduce the problem...

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