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Thread: iGuidance window focus problem?

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    iGuidance window focus problem?

    Searched all over and haven't found anybody else having this problem, but maybe I can get some help...

    Running CF and iGuidance on XP Pro. I can get iGuidance to embed fine, but when I click on anything that would bring up another "menu" or window, iGuidance seems to lose focus (the top menus gray out and you just get a beep when you tap the screen). CF continues to run fine, and I'm sure iGuidance is just waiting for input from a window that has opened up off screen. Hitting the Menu button in the lower left causes this, as does selecting "Enter Destination" from the File menu...

    Any clues???

    thanks in advance

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    Talon: Turn the option for OnTop off in CENTRAFUSE setup...

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