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Thread: FreeDrive and Centrafuse

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    FreeDrive and Centrafuse

    I'm hoping that version 0.4 will bring embedding into centrafuse a easy procedure. I still have some work to do, but it should make it possible to input address and do anything you can do in the small and big screen. I'm halfway there, I done a skin for the main page.. I just need to recode all the adress input screens and make them skinable.


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    Why not ?

    I am starting to 'play' with CF. I know it is elsewhere, but can you eith shoot a link to the instructions to get freedrive to work with CF once you are done? Also, I like freedrive very well thus far. But, the menu system is kinda... bland. And the choice for changing the GPS settings is left to a drop down menu.. no auto detect. (Throws 2 cents at CDR)
    Otherwise.. VERY impressed. Thank you for all your efforts.
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