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Thread: Couple Problems

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    Couple Problems

    Hey everyone, I have CF on my carputer, and so far soo damn good. Only a couple of problems.

    1) When I embed Routis inside, it doesn't fully load or something, as it just goes into a blank screen embedded with the toolbar menus at the top. Hmmm??

    2) I am using 640 x 480 for my screen because its easier to see. I dont know why , I just like it a lot better. So how can I get it to display with this resolution?

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    hum 640*480 may be a problem until someone draws a 640*480 skin
    which I think would be too little to display all the buttons, but I may be wrong
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    100% installed and working :D

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    Anyone know about the Routis problem?

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    KingsDude: Do you have always ontop checked in setup? If so this feature can mess up embedded apps and just disable it, it gets confused and also doesn't let you hit the ok button on the Routis disclaimer...

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