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Thread: Speedcam Detection

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    Question Speedcam Detection in CF

    Hi Folks,
    I haven't got my CarPC mkII installed yet so I can't test this but...

    ...Does CF detect and warn of speed cameras or do they just show on the map once they are imported into favs using MapMonkey 1.3

    Also, off topic, how do you know which album you are playing once you close Music Manager as I can't seem to find it. And when you go back to Music Manager it just goes back to the top of the list instead of where you were previously

    This is only really a problem because it takes so long to scroll through 600 albums...

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    its showing some gatso in the map but not announcing them currently

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    I plan on adding this feature, but it is not currently implemented....

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    It would be really cool to implement a radar detector feature. Maybe to go with the Valentine 1 project that is being worked on.

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    You could run this behind Centrafuse:

    GATSO Hunter v0.2 - New release!

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