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Thread: Navigation useless due non-configurable Speed

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    Navigation useless due non-configurable Speed


    last weekend i discovered a serious issue (at least for the guys in europe who are allowed to drive a little faster)


    I was i Wuppertal and wanted to go to Lüdenscheid (this only for the guys who want reproduce my problem)

    The informations from MS AutoRoute (and they are right) are the following:

    The fastest way : 67 km - 44 Minutes (95% highway)
    The shortest way : 37 km - 57 Minutes (no highway)

    The integrated destinator delivered allways the route without the highway, no matter if i set "quickest" or "shortest". (there were only very littles changes in D3´s fastest and shortest route)

    I think this is because the pre-defined value for the speed on highways is much to slow. Is it possible to change it ?

    My settings in AutoRoute for highway speed is 120 km/h (yes, thats still very slow, but fits rush hours pretty well), and i think destinator seems to use a much lower value, if not i can´t explain this behaviour.

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    I've noticed this too. The integrated Destinator exits off the highway too earlier and then routes me around the local roads for an extra 30 minutes.

    It's still somewhat useful though. It can get me to the general area pretty well but after that I'm better off just reading the map. Can't wait until the next release of CF

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    Yeah, D3 does some very weird routing through back roads. =(

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