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Thread: Volume and Equalization problem

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    Volume and Equalization problem

    David, I was using cf for the last few days with my audio amplifier finally installed, I find that the way the volume is managed it kinda boring for me
    I can't get low volumes because I muse use high WAVE volumes to avoid backgound noises and if I lower the WAVE volume I loose too much volume , do you thint there is a way to solve this problem?
    and bu the way, what do you think about adding VST plugins support? it could allow tons of plugins to run embedded in CF, like parametric equalizers or noise reduction, or anything else. Don't know about VST plugin royalities, it seems to me it's a Steinberg standard
    On the other hand, even a simple graphical equalizer with (7-9 bands) with some custom presets would be really nice
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    I do have plans to implement a more robust mixer in the future. Most likely using some sort of DirectX plugin, since all my playback currently uses DirectX.

    It's on my list of things to do....

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