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Thread: Album Art While Listening?

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    Album Art While Listening?

    When you click on the Music Tab to listen to music, Is there a way to put a little box off the right that displays the folder album picture like when you click on music manager?

    I'd love to be able to see the album art of what ever song i am playing while i am listening to that song.

    Thanks alot for your help
    - Lance

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    I have been playing with this idea and trying to possibly integrate this in... The album art in the music manager is different in this verison also... It is more of a browse by album art instead of just showing it to the right...

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    If you could figure out a way to do both it would be amazing,

    Browse by album so my girlfriend could quickly pick the next album she wants to listen to.

    Show Album art while playing, so i can figure out what i am listening to with a quick glance to the pic

    Cant wait!!

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    veetid, Centrafuse is definately the smoothest frontend I've used so far. I'd really like to see the ability to see album art at the Music tab, not just in the Music Manager. How about a full screen current song status screen too, like the visualizer, but just the album art, album name, title, current position, etc. The Music Tab looks so rigid when you're playing, and doesn't really make it clear that you're in a music mode. So being able to see a full screen control of the current album, etc would be nice.

    How about a "jukebox mode", that displays album art, and perhaps a track listing for each album, letting you easily choose individual songs, that get added to the current playlist?

    I have to say, the weakest points of Centrafuse seem to be:
    1) The number of tabs on the side (is there a way to add additional items to the tabs, and have a "scroll"?
    2) The Music Manager - it's difficult to use, and there's no easy way to add ALL songs, you have to enter each top level directory and then press ++. I have a ton of directories in my Albums folder, so it makes this difficult! I'd like to see more control of how you add songs, and it should be easier. Too many touches required right now to add music.

    Otherwise, I'm really happy with Centrafuse, and I really cant wait until the next version, and any betas. How about opening up a Centrafuse SDK and Plugin functionality? I have some applications I am writing, that I'd love to be able to tightly integrate with Centrafuse.

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