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Thread: cf newbie question

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    cf newbie question

    im thinking i like centrafuse. ity was straight forward to setup.. and get running. i got the great brushed metal skin going.... and so far im happy.

    a few questions.

    i have not got my screen yet.... so im running this on a 1280x1024 monitor. the skin is set for 848x480. before i go to far... i just ordered the xenarc indash 7" touchscreen deal. is this the correct resolution for that screen??

    when i get thew new screen in... and run cf on it... at whatever resolution... will i be able to see the start menu in xp?? i have cf to run at startup... but i was curious as to what i will see in the actual install. or perhaps i will see the normal windows screen until cf loads... then cf will go "full screen"??

    are most users of cf.... using mainly (98% of the time) the touchscreen to control cf.... and all of its features... or will i have to have a keyboard around.

    system... via 10000 from cappaccino... xenarc indash (a day or so).. running XP pro sp 2 with the latest updates. cf 1.2..... no other software installed at this point.

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    Whether you can run 848x480 on your Xenarc is up to your video card. If your video card can run this resoultion then you that is what you need to set CF to. Otherwise you can run 800x600 on your Xenarc from your M10000 and then you would want to run the 800x600 stretched skin. This skin will look funny on your desktop monitor but will resize properly when displayed on your Xenarc.

    CF is best controlled through a touchscreen and possibly the use of a remote or external buttons that trigger the hotkeys. You shouldn't need a keyboard.

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