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Thread: 2 gps apps?

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    2 gps apps?

    i was curious to know if it were possible to change one of the buttons i dont use.. to launch a different gps app?

    i am going to use d3 or iguidance... but want to keep my delorme app for use with topo maps. i do not need to run 2 different apps concurrent.... only to have both available from the interface.

    if this is possible... is it also possible for this new button to launch the app into a full screen? when using the topos... i think it might be a bit hard to see everthing running inside of cf.

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    i think if you go into the lanugauge file somewhere, you can change the buttons on the side any name you want. Then you can choose what application you want to load. if you dont want it to embed, then dont tell it to search for a speciific window.

    For example, if you wanted to change the Radio button on the side to TOPO. Go to the language file, find where it says <RADIO>Radio</RADIO> and change it to <RADIO>TOPO</RADIO> . This will change the label on the side to Topo. Then go into the setup and and tell centrafuse to search for the topo program instead of a specific radio path. That will open up the topo program instead of the radio. If you dont want it to embedd, then leave the radio window name blank.

    I think that will do it.

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