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Thread: Hibernation times

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    Hibernation times

    I've been optimising my start-up and am getting a 10 second hibernation time and 17 sec start from hibernation with CF running.

    Is this good. What are others getting and how have you optimised?

    Also, from cold, can you boot into CF running? How?

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    I think I have about the same results as you with a fesh booted machine (CF loaded) but wait till you have used it for a while then it will increase easily up to 30secs.
    Things like MP3's, external software features (GPS, telephone, web...) will be loaded when used and eat extra memory. Hibernate is a dump of the used memory to disk. The more used memory the more load time it will take.
    Also harddisk performance is very important is boottimes.

    So hit all the CF buttons first so everything is loaded and run a few movies/MP3's and try again... your times will increase.

    But as I have followed this forum it looks that thr upcomming 1.3 release uses less memory etc... so probably boottimes will perfect again.

    Running CF from cold: It only works for me if I put a link into the startup folder , running as main shell does not work.
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    forgive me, but i'm new here...
    what is the "CF"???

    edit:sorry! you mean Centrafuse, don't you?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kostas GOLF V
    forgive me, but i'm new here...
    what is the "CF"???

    edit:sorry! you mean Centrafuse, don't you?...
    Did the name of the forum tip you off?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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