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Thread: a few quick questions

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    a few quick questions

    i am interested in installing a carputer in a new car that i might be getting, but i have a few questions about centrafuse.
    first: how would i use this phone feature? i assume i need an adapter to hook it up to my cell phone, where would i look to find one?
    second: how do i recieve radio stations?
    third: what is the best gps attena to use, i've seen a few, but i dont really know what i am looking at or for.
    lastly: how do i use this voice command feature that i'm hearing so much about?

    thanks for all your help.

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    1.) Zorro created a program called "Phone Control" it is in the Support Software section of the forums. His software uses bluetooth for connecting to the phone to the computer wirelessly. Veetid's software, Centrafuse, simply integrates Phone Control a little bit more, so any questions you may have about Phone Control should most likely be posted in that forum.

    Oh, and yiou can purchase a bluetooth adapter at any electronics store online or in person (Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, etc)

    2.) To receive radio stations fm/am, you'd need either a usb radio receiver or a PCI version. The usb version, is external, while the PCI version is internal. I think you also need software called Radiator? and Centrafuse integrate with that software (people that have am/fm radio corect me if i'm wrong on this). There is also XM/Sirius radio which you need a different receiver for.

    3.) This is another one of those questions that is best asked in the GPS section of the forum, I use the BU-303 bought off of Ebay, but there are several different GPS receivers now. The best software to use is also pretty wiedespread, I use Routis, but am looking into getting iGuidance.

    4.) There is sofware called NaviVoice that I think is what you are talking about, but I haven' ever used it.

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    To use those features you are talking about you need to download a few other programs. On the centrafuse download page if you use the link more info it will take you to the page with the requirements and links to download the other software.

    The radio will only play FM, I beleive people are working on FM/AM solution but it isn't quite ready yet. Both programs (, Radiator) have their own limitations on what hardware they support. Visit their site for the list of hardware that will work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rmk1139
    lastly: how do i use this voice command feature that i'm hearing so much about?
    CentraFuse has some internal voice recognition functions such as volume control, switching between applications, playlist control, etc.

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    Phone: If you don't have a bluetooth phone, you can also use a phone-to-USB cable. You can get those at RadioShack or E-Bay. Make sure PhoneControl supports your phone though.

    Radio: I don't get why everybody is in to these radio cards. First of all, if you have all your MP3's, why would you ever want to listen to the radio? Second, I don't care what type of sound card you have, a Car-PC will always sound better when routed through a good Head-Unit with balance, eq, time-delay, and other car settings. if you really want to listen to the radio just use your head-unit.

    GPS: I like my Delorme Earth-Mate USB, but they all work pretty much the same.

    Voice Command: CF has this built-in. All you do is plug in a microphone and then say "Computer, GPS" or "Computer, Video", any other command.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4 if you really want to listen to the radio just use your head-unit.
    Or go with an XM-Direct or XMPCR (if you can find one) if you're in the US.

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