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Thread: MapMonkey in CF

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    MapMonkey in CF

    I dont know if you know this, but Ninja has made a fix, so we can embed MM in CF 1.2.. This was released 02.02.05, but i havent seen anything on this forum about it..

    I tried i today, and i worked.. The only thing you have to do, is to choose "enable plugin" in MM config..

    Heres the link to the fix:
    Map Monkey Launchers (Fixes for Frodoplayer, Centrafuse, Mediacar...)

    If i knew this when i first tried CF, all my irritation for MM not embeding in CF would be gone.. Grrr :P

    So now the gps will work untill CF 1.3 i released..

    If this has been posted here earlier, i'm sorry for the re post..

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    Yes, known about this for months!

    However Centrafuse has had it's own native D3 support for months since this, so what's the point?
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    Does this D3 support support gatso detection??

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    nope not that i know of

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    Then, theres the point of using MapMonkey..

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    actully I found lots of bugs in the destinator built into centrafuse, so untill the next release i've been using mapmonkey embedded
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