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Thread: Centrafuse/FrodoSatelliteRadioX BSOD

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    Centrafuse/FrodoSatelliteRadioX BSOD

    veetid - you may recall that I mentioned that I am experiencing a CF/FSRX BSOD issue (from the the 1.3 Teaser thread). I didn't want add onto that thread so I am starting a new one.

    I finally got around to bringing up your suggestion to Frodo; below is our original conversation, to which I have appended Frodo's response/suggestion.

    Thanks for all your time and hard work, and addressing the community's concerns. You have a definite purchase here, regardless of release date.

    Quote Originally Posted by tj!2k4
    If I exit Centrafuse without exiting FSRX first, it'll cause a BSOD and I have to kill the power to the computer and reboot. I'm not expecting a resolution since I don't know if there's anything that you can do within Centrafuse to resolve this issue, or whether this is a Frodo thing since it only happens with his app, or if it's a driver issue with the XMPCR.

    I think I may have mentioned this issue before, but I forget.. If there is any information you would like from me regarding this, let me know.
    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    Not much I can really do on my end... The app could easily be fixed by adding a little code to intercept the close window message in the WndProc and setting it to execute the applications close routine...
    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    Well, first off, if centrafuse closes, anything embedded should first be
    unembedded, and/or sent a message to close. So be sure veetid is doing

    I will check to see if I forgot to add the code to close in there
    on destroy or close, but I believe the major problem will be the above.


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    I do unembed and send the close message to all embedded apps before I exit... Not sure what is going on... I have never used the program you are talking about, but it works with all the apps I embed... I will check it out after I get 1.3 done...

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    Thanks. =)

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