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Thread: Quick audiostream switch-button

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    Quick audiostream switch-button

    I was thinking about this idea tonight, and I suppose it is missing, so I am gonna ask for it.
    Many of us look at dual audio stream movies (with more languages). Is there a way to switch audio streams in CF? If there isn't cant you put a button on the interface so it is easy to use?
    Thanks in advance

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    seems I didn't get an answer: is what I asked clear?

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    If it's a DVD you should be able to change languages using the DVD's main menu. I have never heard of multi-stream DiVX/XVid files (I'm sure they exist but are probably not very popular).

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    agreed. while there are file based (usually avi or ogm) dual language movies, they are quite unpopular. dvd's though do allow you to change the language in the dvd menu.
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    yeah I was speaking exactly of dual-language divx files.
    It is not an ogm prerogative to have two or more audio streams.
    It is possible - and very frequent especially where I live - that ppl make themselves dual stream avi files from dvds

    I also don't think this feature would be much of a hassle for David, but will eventually respect the decision of not integrating it in the next release of centrafuse.
    Anyway here is a link that explains the HOW-TO.

    I will wait for some other opinions about this feature.
    Thanks for your answers meanwhile!

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