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Thread: CF 1.3 Update

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    it's ok man, step away from the coffee......

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    OMG! Total R0x0rz !11!!1!!!

    and in english, awesome. I hope its done by the weekend also, that is the install date for my carputer.
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    I'm in no hurry to get the new CF, there are plenty of other frontends, although CF definately is one of the coolest available. But what concerns me is the ever-present lack of a release date and now apparent "feature slash". Usually people feature slash when they are near their release date/deadline (depending on which side of the project you are on ) and it appears they won't make the date without removing features they otherwise planned to have incorporated into the product. But there is no date to release by... Why slash features when we've waited this long for a release rather than just push it off another few months and release it with all of the features? Or better yet, how about just a release date, so we can justify the feature slash? It doesn't have to be tomorrow, it doesn't have to be in July, it doesn't have to be in 2005, it can, obviously, be whenever david wants... as he is the programmer and supplier of the product. All very confusing

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    this is why i don't think a release date will be given... i think that people should stop bugging david for it... the release date will come...
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    I didn't ask for a release date. What I said was, I am confused by the fact that he is removing features when he doesn't even have a release date he's trying to meet. The only reason you remove features is to get the product out faster... and I think it's a little late for that. As I said, I am happy with other frontends, I'm not biting my teeth waiting for 1.3, I am willing to wait. But, when 1.3 DOES come out (which will be about as amazing as the release of Doom 3 or Warcraft 3), I would like it full featured, not stripped down to meet a deadline that doesn't exist.

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    i doubt Davideven reads these pleading posts... i certainley wouldn't blame him

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    It's possible that he's having issues implementing things. With the amount of stuff CF can do (even in 1.2) I can imagine it's a lot for one guy to handle, especially when he's not working on it full time.

    The fact that he's coming out with ANYTHING is good enough for me. And while i'm itching to see the latest version, i'm not going to bother him with 'hey, how long?", because it'll come when he gets it done.

    I'm not a programmer, so I honestly don't know how hard the stuff he's doing is. But I know from several years of experience of staring at monitors (doing video editing), it's a taxing process..

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    I am not slashing features, but actually 1.3 has tons of new features... Those 4 plugins are already designed and just about written, but the SDK just isn't finished... 1.4 will be coming out only a few weeks after 1.3, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal...

    As for the integrated Destinator and GPS... This isn't complete because of a number of reasons.. I have tried for 8 months to work something out with someone over at Powerloc and I am just about ready to give up.. It is the most unorganized unproffesional company I have ever delt with and I am starting to think I don't want anything to do with them inside CENTRAFUSE... I recently have been talking with Teleltype and everything is going really well with them... Their maps look better, it will be more affordable, the company is very easy to deal with and proffesional, and they have loads of extra features like weather and traffic overlayed directly on the GPS maps...

    I should have 1.3 ready by the end of this weekend and ready to go by this coming Monday...

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    Thats cool, I've never seen their maps but i certainly have not been impressed with the look of D3's maps (as compared to mappoint).

    Eitherway i think we should ban everyone who complains or whines for release times =D

    If you can't wait...make your own frontend

    Thanks for your hard work Dave
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    I, too, agree with booting anyone who complains. And I appreciate david's willingness to not only develop this application, but take time out to read and respond to the numerous threads on this board, many of which probably are not the most pleasant to read (I'll even include this thread in the later category). And if we are to look at who is to blame for my concern of slashing features, it's not david, it's the many people who are complaining and harassing him to release the product, so he feels pressure to release something rather than nothing. As much as I'd LOVE to have CF 1.3 next monday, I'd rather wait another week and have 1.3 actually be what we are calling 1.4. Why is this? 1.) I've waited this long, I don't mind waiting a little longer (no judgement or hostility in that statement, just a statement) and 2.) I can ONLY imagine the cluster f*#& of posts that are going to get dumped on here after he releases 1.3:

    "how do you do this?" "this doesn't work?" "where is this?" "please change this!" "my computer is running slow with 1.3" "I can't do this" "what about this?" "will this change in 1.4?" "where is GPS?" "where is XM?" "you said phone would be in here!" "where is traffic" "where is the feature that cooks me dinner?"

    All of that while he is attempting to quickly push out 1.4

    Fight the power, fight the man! Release 1.4 as 1.3!

    Just my 20 cents.

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