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Thread: Bugs so far in 1.3 BETA

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    1.) Slow startup as shell

    It works as the shell but starts up very slowly, slower than explorer launching and double clicking on a centrafuse shortcut. I have cleaned up services and startup programs and it still starts slowly. Windows shows the welcom screen and then stays on "loading personal settings for a while" and then centrafuse pops right up and no explorer.

    Interesting enough, I can hear the music playing 20 seconds before I can actually see the Centrafuse interface.

    2.) Embedded Apps

    I have set Centrafuse to launch Firefox, Thunderbird, and Netstumbler as external apps. After you close the window, it leaves a grey box in centrafuse and you have to click back into the media screen, then back into apps to launch another embedded app. It would be a cool feature to go back to the media screen automatically after launching and application or at least get rid of this grey box issue.

    I will also try to find a work around for not being able to run my startup programs like my wireless client without having explorer as the shell.

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    Anything you need to run on startup that was previously in your startup folder, just move to the registry here:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

    That should work even with CF as the shell.

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