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Thread: Special charcter embedding problem + couple requests

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    Special charcter embedding problem + couple requests

    First of all great job on 1.3, as a friend of mine would say its wicked ******'n. I love the performance increase, speedy the new audio options are great! I have had only one problem with the 1.3 verision...

    When embedding Topo USA® 5.0 the register mark ® isn't supported. I tried %reg, %register and the ®. So I can't get the program to embed correctly.

    I only have really two requests, with the external apps and the buttons. I would only ask that you increase the APP1 ... APP6 to APP17, that way we can replace every button with a different app. As of right now we can't define all the buttons side, home, app unless we reuse buttons.

    The second request is in media where the visual / album is move the album to just below, there is a unused space begging to be filled. That way on the top is the visual and under that is the album cover.

    Anyway thanks for the great update, it was well worth the time to wait!
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    try this string

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