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Thread: ADV Manager???

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    ADV Manager???

    What the heck does the "Adv Manager" setting do? Anything yet? I did not notice any differance. I just searched this forum for "Adv Manager" and found no results .

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    I went over it in my original post for the new release...

    "There is an advanced manager option for the media manager. This makes the "+" add music to the "open" playlist. This can be queue, favorites, or any saved playlist. Going to playlists and going forward or double clicking any option on the list loads that playlist. For example if you clicked playlists, went into a saved playlist, hit library, selected an album, and hit "+"... That album would automatically be saved into that playlist. This is a little more confusing than the default. The default simply adds everything to your queue, which you can save to a playlist using the save icon. To clear the queue, simply highlight it in the list and hit the minus "-" symbol."

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