this rework is great man..... very impressive - wonderful!!!!

the only suggestion i would make is regarding skinning/appearance.

i feel like the remix of the appearance is working, but i still feel like the weakness of centrafuse are the big buttons that take screen real estate. For guys like me, i dont need 80% of the funcitonality of the program. Let me embed my gps, get that mp3 **** hopping, thats all i need

thanks for making some of the buttons bigger (scroll butons, random button)

i dont like how the next track is next to the gamma/night funciton button. i always hit that and at night its a be-i-itch.

thanks tho, this is great!

i dont like what was done with the music manager... wheres the shuffle all button? its harder to use - anyone have suggestions on how to use it best?