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Thread: centrafuse and webcams.... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    It turns out I can leave SKINbedder AlwaysOnTop and when you switch away from the embedded app, CF hides the SKINbedder window (even though CF is not AlwaysOnTop). How does this work David? Do you minimize the embedded app when you switch away from it or something? Anyway, it's a good thing... don't change it .
    the apps are embedded into a panel inside my application... when you switch away I hide the panel, which in turn forces the application to be hidden... this won't change...

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    Cool. My idea was to make Sb ontop before opening any sub-windows and then making Sb not ontop after embedding (the purpose was so you didn't see the sub-window blink on the screen for a second before it gets embedded). The problem is that changing the optop property causes all embedded apps to get terminated (???). Thankfully, when used with CF, I can just leave Sb always ontop and it doesn't cause any problems with switching away from the Sb app. I hope RR is the same way or they will just have to set it not ontop and live with the "flicker".

    Anyway, thanks David.

    Note: I'd still like CF to not hide the status-bar when it embeds things (that type of stuff is Sb's job). Maybe you could make it optional. I'd also like to know what the API call is to remove the status-bar so I could add that to Sb. Right now I just nudge it down so you can't see the status-bar, I don't know how to remove anything but the caption and boarder.

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