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Thread: STEP by STEP iGuidance for CF?

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    STEP by STEP iGuidance for CF?

    I just got my gps and my copy of iGuidance and I want to embed it into CF.

    Is there some kind of condensed guide to this and making it 7" readable?

    Ive went through the millions of threads on the subject of tweaking iGuidance, but there doesnt seem to be a one stop guide for it.

    Everything is spread out over pages, would be great if someone would give us a small quick tutorial on tweaking Ig and embedding it (with skinbedder or not)

    EDIT: also, is there a way to do this on the home pc and then transport over to the carputer? In that I mean, is there any files I can tweak and move them and they would work.
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    yeah you can do it on your home pc and copy and past the proper xml files over. just make sure you have a gps plugged in when you do the skindbedder app on your home pc, otherwiseit wont embedd properly because of the no gps screen that will come up

    use skinbedder 2.99999999999 (i forget how many 9's are actually there) to embed it, get rid of the nag screen, and get bigger buttons for zoom, menue, and stuff. then embed skinbedder in centrafuse by editing the path,window name and the display name sections in the external.xml in the centrafuse system setttings. Then if you want to have it as one of the main buttons on the left hand side replace whatever you dont want with whatever app(app1, app2, etc) you used in the external.xml.
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    Use SKINbedder

    You may also want to use the theme file. Attached is my ctheme.ini for iG 2.1. If you have 2.1.1, you can just rename it to theme.ini. If you have 2.0, I can upload my old theme.ini once I get home if you want me to.

    You should also download reshacker if you want to get rid of the default menu and mute buttons and/or change the "you-are-here" icons.
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