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Thread: Mixer problems

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    Mixer problems

    I'm trying to get my sub and rear channels to work... and for some reason the mixer has them set to zero and when I raise the levels, they go right back to zero.

    I have an audiotrak prodigy 7.1...

    When I go into the software for it, I can do a speaker test and all my speakers work.. front, rear, and sub/center channels all work in the sound test.

    Any clues as to why the mixer keeps setting them to zero? Is the prodigy software conflicting with centrafuse?

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    bump... any clues?

    I checked the windows settings.. it's set to 5.1 surround.

    Did a speaker check in prodigy software again.. front, rears, and sub/center all work.. with good levels..

    But in centrafuse, I'm getting only front channel.. maybe rear and sub, but they are so quiet, you can't tell they are working. The mixer still won't let me raise those levels either, they reset to nil whenever you move the sliders.

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    this is covered in the 1.4 bugs thread... the center/rear channels can only be controlled if they are located in the playback section of the mixer... Lots of newer drivers have placed them in their own "other" or some named section, which I do not currently support...

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    Thanks for the reply, I did see that mixer bug in the report, but wasn't sure if it applied.

    I think I identified the problem being with the soundcard/software setup... I'm only getting "output" on channels 1/2... nothing on 3/4/c/w.. but in speaker test, part of the prodigy card software, those channels work fine..

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