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Thread: CF 1.4 and Radiator

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    CF 1.4 and Radiator

    Hi, I'm working on fix all the problems on my system. and it's time to resolve the problem with radiator. i can control my radio card (miro pctv pro with radio addon) via radiator without any problems. but with integration in centrafuse i can't control radio. i can hear the last played radio station, thats all. it does not change the station if i enter a new frequency or anything other. i've serveral times checked the centrafuse configuration, and the path to the radiator.exe file, it's all correct. for me the CF v.1.2 was able to control the radiator application. maybe anybody can help me please ?

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    no info for me ? :-(

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    never had this problem... is the rc.exe command still there? not sure...

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