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Thread: #1 Request for 1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    I get it.... I know people want XM ... I have already started the design... It will be integrated... Any programmers out there that can point me to an XM and Sirius SDK that would be nice... I might just write it and then people will have to test it... I don't actually have hardware or subscription for either right now...

    I know I've offered this before:

    I have two XMPCRs, and I'd be more than happy to loan you one of them for an extended period of time for development, testing, etc.. at this point the car's XM subscription is wasting away anyhow, since my attempts at integrating the current external XM solutions into CF leave a lot to be desired.

    I am apparently not alone in my wish to have a usable XM solution for the car.

    Tell me where to ship it. I'll overnight it to you.



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    I agree that music manager stability (core function) should be the highest priority, but that appears to be pretty close to done.

    I and at least a couple of others I know of have tried their best to make Frodo's satellite radio player (FSRX) work with CF. Although it embeds pretty well there are two significant problems. The first is that the FSRX equalizer must be disabled in order for XM to stop playing when going back to media manager. This is because both the FSRX EQ and CF Media utilize wav control. Although playback of mp3s can be paused when switching to XM, there is currently no way to pause XM when switching back to mp3s. Obviously, you can't have CF mute wav when switching back to mp3s (like with line in), because then the mp3s won't play. The XMPCR signal is very flat without EQ so disabling the FSRX EQ adversely affects XM sound quality significantly.

    The second problem is that FSRX does not property resume from hibernation. Upon resuming from hibernation the computer does not see that the XMPCR is connected so it's impossible to get XM. Hibernation essentially closes the connection with the XMPCR and the connection is not reestablished when resuming. You have to unplug the XMPCR USB cable and plug in back in to reestablish the connection. I believe Frodo found a solution when running FSRX with Frodoplayer, but I don't know what he did. David, although I, for one, greatly appreciate your willingness to focus some attention on XM, I don't know how you're going to solve that problem without an XMPCR to test it on. Hibernation is so important that many people may not use an XM module if this issue remains.

    I know you're not an XM user and thought I should mention these issues before you get too deep into it.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to buying this program when it's ready for prime time.

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    haha i was cranky this morning sorry david, i didnt mean to be such an arse. I just know you're a good programmer and it seriously only took Guino like a day to come up with a perfectly working XM solution.....isn't RoadRunner open source so you could see how he did it?

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    You know, if it really is that easy and we have RR's open-source XM, then I'm sure there is at least one programmer amongst all you XM people that will be able to write Plug-In as soon as 1.5 is released.

    David: I think you need to release 1.5 and give people a week or two to see what Plug-Ins are made for you before you can decide what you need to write yourself. In the mean-time, there is a lot of other core stuff you can work on: You can work on the alternate MM we've discussed. You can work on generic database support for Movies/TV/Video Games/etc. like in Meedio. You can work on allowing input plug-ins, output plug-ins, vis-plugins, control plug-ins, etc. like in both Meedio and WinAmp (I really want that WinAmp Vis plug-in support you mentioned forever ago).

    Bottom Line: If I were you David, I would hold off on Nav, XM, Phone, and anything else that can be done in your current plug-in architecture. You may find that by the time you are done with everything else, all of these will already be done for you by the community.

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    it's all good... I am still working for the upcoming release... just saying I have sent the specs to my designer/partner for the XM... so when I'm ready I will already have it laid out and skinned... that is really the part that usually takes the longest... I don't think adding support will be hard at all... I have an XMPCR on the way thanks to tj!2k4...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    I say have no integrated NAV plug-in until you are done with everything else. iGuidance embeds beautifully with iGMod or SKINbedder. I am working on a SKINbedder V3 which will hide every iGuidance window and use its own graphic butons for all input (and it's buttons are copied off the Brushed Aluminum skin for CF). Maybe just do a quick job with a D3 plugin as a CF plug-in example and then let the community improve on it and add their own support for other NAV programs with SDKs.

    Once you are done with everything else, you should make a NAV program out of Google Maps, Google Earth, and/or MSN VirtualEarth. They all have SDKs. You could "roll-your-own" NAV program using one or more of those. It is becomming increasingly less-and-less hard/costly to have a always available NET connection in the car. That trend will only continue at a steeper level in the future. They all provide the biggest possible "live" POI database. They all have "hibrid" map overlayed on Sat-image modes. Google Earth even has 3D view that shows terrain elevation and even 3D surrounding buildings in LA. This is the future of vehicle navigation! Be one of the first to implement it. I can't be that hard after all the other things I've seen people do with Google Maps. MSN Virtual Earth is supposed to be even more "open" for coding apps to use it (or so I've heard in a MSN ad for it). Google Earth may be more difficult, but it can play back a saved GPS log, so it should be possible.

    Anyway, that's what I would do if I were you . Someday it will exist, and on that very same day I shall go by a cell Air-Card and a PCMCIA slot for my car PC. Give it another 3 years or so and I bet 50% or more of the MP3Car community (who also live in a major city) will have always-on broadband for their CarPC.

    RPM_V4 I will have to agree with you to a certain extent. I was looking forward to telletype because of there features but after talking with david it seem that they are not what they are said to be.

    Goggle earth and msn virtural earth is the way of the future. The one thing that will be a problem is the ability to store the map data on a hard drive. Even though having an always on internet connection in the car is common these days an internet connection for navigation is not relieable. Even with verizons EVDO network which has the best coverage in the U.S. their is still many dead spots.
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