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Thread: Centrafuse slowing down with gps

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    Centrafuse slowing down with gps

    Centrafuse running great..quick and smooth..well jump the gun on smooth for a couple parts...but after i load my gps (iGudiance) and its running in the background when i press buttons and load the media manager etc has some lag running 512 megs of ram on a M10000...Would getting 1GB of ram help this???

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    512 is more than enough (I run just 256)

    Examine your running processes and check on cpu usage for each (you can do this in task manager). Sounds to me like something is taking up too much CPU

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    try to disable autoplay and see if it stops...

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    Yea...autoplay is disabled...and im running centrafuse as shell its just centrafuse and iguidance running..when the gps receiver isnt connected it runs it seems like every time the the gps reciever updates with the new info it lags do i set the priorities for centrafuse to be higher then iguidance?

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