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Thread: Centrafuse always in front

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    Centrafuse always in front

    Hi i have been using centrafuse for a couple of weeks now and i must say it rocks big time, the only issue i have with it is that if i go to apps then mapmonkey or obd2 or in fact anything i have linked from there my program pops up no problem but if i go back to media to look at playlists etc when i come back to my application its gone but if i shut down centrafuse its there on the desktop so obviously centrafuse is set to always on top how do i bypass this i have searched everywhere and cant find a topic on this so i thought i would come out of the shadows register and ask ,,,

    All the best justin...

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    You can set "Always On Top" to Disabled in the settings menu under "Home" > "Tools" > "Settings"

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    thanks for the reply, but it is already disabled, has anyone else had the same problems

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    it doesn't sound like they're embedding properly. when you run mm or obd, is any part of cf visible?

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    1,893 TJ said, I suspect the app is not embedding. Check your window names in external.xml, the problem is almost definitely within that file.

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