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Thread: Centrafuse & Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Centrafuse & Keyboard Shortcuts

    I am currently testing out Centrafuse 1.4 to see if it suits my needs. It looks good thus far but I do have a navigation issue. I do not have nor want a touchscreen monitor and I also do not want to have to navigate using a mouse. My solution was to create a console that would house my LCD and also some buttons from an IR remote that would control mouse clicks and movement. Is this possible at all? Or is centrafuse based on mouse clicks and mouse clicks only? Is there any way at all to navigate the frontend via keyboard? Also, I am either seeing issues with clearing the items playing or doing something wrong. How exactly does one go about clearing the files that are currently in the playlist?

    Thanks for any help you all can offer.


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    Centrafuse support for keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys is very poor, this is the primary limitation of the software. I hope to get around this by using a program called Macro Express to simulate mouse pressed on UI buttons. This should work because the buttons are always in the same place.

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    merzbow I think autoit can help you, I also think david will improve hotkeys support
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    use your mobile over bluetooth?

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