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Thread: Playlists ...........

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    Playlists ...........

    Maybe I can't find the option ........ or it doesn't exist ?

    Can someone guide me on how exactly I can make the playlist .... by only selecting songs that I want ... does that make sense.

    Waht I mean is .......... I want to make for example :

    "2Pac Playlist" and chose a few songs from a few albums all on the HDD.

    How do I do it ? I can't find the option .... I can see the * button ....... I'm confoosed, if anyone could help I'd appeciate !


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    Its in media manager

    Add the required files to your media queue and then click the disk icon on the right hand side.
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    Hi mate......... I tried that but no joy.

    It's ok now, as I just put all the mp3's I wanted in seperate folders, and renamed the folders as I would have done play lists ............. it seems to work fine like that !


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