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Thread: News about 1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by krog
    Yea... same here... The way you can configure everything is more than great.

    One problem: hotkeys aren't working here.
    works fine with me. And dvd works also fine with a dvd in it...

    But this is the last i will post until he officialy released it. Just like CdRsKuLL says, don't want to **** david off...
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    that download page was suppose to have a redirect to the coming soon page .... that was the first package... setup for a few to download for inital testing... planned to release today... I will look into the loading DVD with no disc problem...

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    Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to wait for the official DL as you guys with the big mouths have made David fix his site

    I agree that the email notification would be the best way ahead

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    I am one of the guilty ones for trying out the "pre-download", and am going to put my user experience out of my mind and wait for the final download (hoping David knows about the speed/lag, and volume control issues with 1.5).

    I'll wait until the final release to go into details.

    Good luck with everything David.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Power_nisse
    The answear is: Ph*tosh*p, Automate/Webb photo gallery
    Really nice stuff
    Aaaahhhh.. Nice..
    Hadn't even seen that feature in PS at all..
    Thanks for the info


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    1.5 has been released by the looks

    Going to test it out today, cant wait!
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    Yeak looks like it =)

    The Appz button is a killer!

    This is superb! Muhaha
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