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Thread: Destinator

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingchaos
    Hi David..

    This don't work for me..

    Breake down:
    I remove the GPS pluggin. Works fine.
    Adds MapMonkey. Work fine.

    But next time I restart CF it automatictly reinstalls the GPS plugin.

    Any ideas why? Is it possible too completely remove the plugin? I've tried to remove the Destinator folders in plugins and pluginsinactive. Still the same. Reinstalls.

    It was an oversight in my installer... you have to mark things as removable or the next time you run the application it will automatically add them back...

    this will not be a problem in 1.6...

    I apologize for the invonvenience...

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    Thx 4 a quick A

    Thanks for a quick answer..


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    Quote Originally Posted by lazy_g
    for instance the speedcams, and the option to change the language.
    Speedcams? Weird. We don't have those here in the USA to my knowledge, just traffic light cams...
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