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Thread: Few notes about 1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    I'm working on it... there was a lot of changes in 1.5... I will hopefully get 1.6 released sooner than later...

    Any update on 1.6? I know you are working on lots of new stuff like the new skin and all, but I think most of us were hoping a 1.6 would be released ASAP to address the speed issue of 1.5. We don't need new features or a new skin for 1.6, we just need it to run on our slow CarPCs .

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    i agree, David is doing an awesome job .. centrafuse is the best frontend available for car pc´s.

    But .. it would be much better - and maybe for David it would be much easier - if he would release some bug fixes only instead of complete new versions.

    The main issue on 1.5 is the speed. Why not release "1.51" where only the speed issue is covered ? Then people would be much more patient, because right now 1.5 is unusable for all the guys with epia boards.

    Why not releasing an 1.52 and 1.53 - all with bugfixes - and include new features in 1.6 ?

    Because ... right now a new version comes out every 3 or 4 month .. thats pretty fast for developing new features, but it is very slow for only a bugfix.

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    In fact, not only EPIA owners are stuck with 1.4. I have an AMD processor, but with 1.5 I cannot use my own GPS program because 1.5 tends to take over the com ports with the internal GPS plugin, which cannot be removed.

    I suggest you switch over to RoadRunner until a final version of CF (v2.0) is released, which at this rate is probably (my educated guess) ~8-12 months away. I am currently transitioning out of CF and into RR for this reason, as I don't have the energy to continue beta testing without the benefit of a 'reasonably stable' and usable product. I have personally been involved in many Beta Testing programs, and have been able to enjoy and use the products as I beta test. I think David is taking this Beta program in a different direction than I envisioned, but that is his call, and I don't plan to rant about it.
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    I'll agree with that; a 1.5.1 bugfix to address the speed/lockup issue would have been nice.

    In the car I've been using 1.4 and testing 1.5 every now and then on my desktop. I would've been able to more thoroughly test 1.5 in the vehicle if there had been a patch or fix for the speed/lockup issue.

    As to jumping ship, that's not gonna happen. CF loyal. Represent.

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    True, true. I represent.

    I'm installing everything December 6th. Hopefully it'll be out by then.
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    I agree that there should be a release of a 1.5.1 bug fix. That way we can beta test that version. With the slowness and freezing, its hard to beta test Centrafuse. I like some of the new features in 1.5 and would love to have a stable version of 1.5. Oh well, I guess we can wait for 1.6 to come out. It should be soon I hope. LoL.

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