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Thread: What's your favorite new CF 1.5 feature?

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    What's your favorite new CF 1.5 feature?

    veetid has outdone himself again with the new features in the latest Centrafuse release, so I'm curious to know..

    .. which of the following new features do you like best?

    - Quick Library
    - Multiple Music/Video paths and support for multiple CD/DVD drives
    - Smart random which will not play same song until it's been through entire playlist
    - Plugin support
    - Unlimited number of external applications
    - All configuration now internal (no XML editing)
    - Fullscreen visualization can be different from the mini visualization
    - Holding dim button for 2 seconds will black out the screen
    - Search improved to allow you to search by artist, album, song, or video
    - Holding main title for 2 seconds plays all music by artist/video

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    damnit it screwed up my poll

    I'm torn between the unlimited external apps, internal config, and multiple music/video paths

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    Unlimited external proggys, plugs (can't wait 'til XM) and internal configuration. I view the improved random feature as a bug fix rather than a new feature.

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    I have just installed it .... but am really looking forward to the new random feature !

    Was getting a bot boring .... it's Like Centrafuse like's listening to 50cent ! lol
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