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Thread: CF 2.0 Plugins: Language files

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    CF 2.0 Plugins: Language files

    Web Plugin

    German - Deutsch

    last updated:
    German.xml 11. November 2005 14:31
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    Oh finnish for web plugin is also finished...

    but ill release simultaneously with weather plugin... and that may take some time... theres lot to do in weather plugin...

    but i questionalize logic of releasing in this thread... cause theres already _sticky_ thread for language files and i also released gps plugin there... on the other hand theres also subforum for plugins.

    To put it simply: location of this release or thread makes no sense whatsoever!!!

    Allthought if mr. moderator agrees... could be sensible to make subforum for localization, where it would be possible to have own threads for different languages. This would also mean one less sticky in main centraforum... and as users of map monkey know all that is sticky aint honey...

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