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Thread: List of Radios People Use

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    Nov 2004
    I'll give it a try, assuming my ex colleague at the computer shop keeps giving me hardware for testing purpose
    Peugeot 206 1.4 HDi

    Intel Mini-ITX Mainboard
    Celeron 1.2ghz
    256mb DDR-2 533
    80gig 3.5" SATA HDD
    Sb Live 5.1 w/ KXProject Drivers
    8" Lilliput TS LCD

    100% installed and working :D

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    Changed my mind on RadioExtreme

    I had earlier replied, saying that I planned to use RadioExtreme.
    Well, I just got around to hooking it up over the weekend, and it's awful - even with an external car antenna.

    I am now planning to use the HQCT-i when it becomes available (hopefully next month)

    Until then, I am delaying my CarPC project because I plan to remove my Head Unit to install the display and I really need a [good] radio.


    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    Can everyone give me a list of the radio devices they are currently using with their CarPC's... I want to phase out Radiator support and directly support all the most commonly used radio devices....


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    Been using the radioxtreme for the past 3 pr 4 months....and it works fantastic...

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