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Thread: Is windows XP an absolute requirement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLlama
    Windows 3.11 with workgroups!!!

    I have a beta version of Windows 3.0 Will that work?

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    A friend of mine claims to have successfully gotten CF to run on his OS/2 based Car PC.

    He sent me some pictures but I lost them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eubey
    sorry to dig up an old thread, but is there a certain service pack required for 2000 for it to work? i installed service pack 4 (i dont know if that includes 1-2&3 but i didnt install those ones) and centrafuse 1.6 installed, but the icon that shows up is that standard windows executable one, not the centrafuse logo... Any ideas?
    Eubey, I built my CarPc on Windows 2000 Pro, SP 4. MDAC mentioned above is a *MUST*. The icon problem is no indication of a bad install, it appears the path info to get to the icon is broken on 2000, but with MDAC the program works fine. You can easily fix the icon by editing the shortcut and manually finding the centrafuse.exe file.

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    so Microsoft MDAC 2.8 will work? or do i need to install 2.8 sp1 as well

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    I originally installed MDAC 2.8, and then let windows update apply all the patches. I know it did patch MDAC for some security hole (big suprise).

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