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Thread: centrafuse won't search fm stations automatically

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    centrafuse won't search fm stations automatically

    Hello everybody,

    I have got a problem with Centrafuse and Radiator. I'm using a cinergy 600 and when I load radiator and click on the search button Radiator searches automatically for the FM stations.

    I configured centrafuse to use radiator as fm tuner (Standard option in CF) and it works fine, but when I click on the search button it only searches in steps of 1 Mhz and not automatically.??

    Can someone help me please?

    Glen Rijke

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    When using Radiator it doesn't support scanning... Only when using the RadioXtreme...

    I have added direct DLink and WinTV FM support into 1.6 and plan to add more radios... I will be getting rid of the Radiator support eventually, it was just temporary...

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    Does this mean that we can use more up to date drivers than the GemTek ones on the Radiator site. They're about 5 years old and I'm having an issue where as soon as my Sonica Theatre card is pluged in, neither the GemTek software or Radiator will detect the radiocard any more (though Windows still thinks it's there)

    I figure the up to date drivers may fix this, but Radiator will not work with those at all.

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